Event schedule
  * Estimated time: Time will depend upon number of categories and number of athletes per category.
Estimated Time Activity
  * LPC Event Team set up / decorations
  * Athlete Registration (12:00PM - 2:00PM)
  * Vendor Set Up (12:00PM - 2:00PM)
2:00PM Vendor/Event Set Up is Complete
3:00 PM Doors Open to Public
  * DJ plays loud music as guests arrive and find their seats
  * Vendors open for business
2:00 PM Ahtletes and Judges Meetings
3:00 PM Introductions
  * MC introduces self
  * MC introduces Lauren Powers to say a few words: Wish luck to athletes and thank sponsors
  * National Anthem (5 minutes)
  * MC provides overview of Run of Show by directing audience to Run of Show Posters
3:00 PM Run of Show
  * Teen's Physique (Open) Guest Instructor and Trophy Presenters:
  * Men's Bodybuilding (Masters)  
  * Men's Bodybuilding (Open) Guest Trophy Presenter: Swat Fuel
  * Men's Bodybuilding (Overall)2 Raffles  
  * Women's Bodybuilding (Masters) Guest Trophy Presenter:
  * Women's Bodybuilding (Open)  
  * Women's Bodybuilding (Overall)2 Raffles  
  * Men's Physique (Masters)  
  * Men's Physique (Open)  
  * Men's Classic Physique (Open)  
  * Men's Physique (Overall)2 Raffles  
  * Women's Physique (Masters)  
  * Women's Physique (Open) Guest Trophy Presenter: Swat Fuel
  * Women's Physique (Overall)  
  * Mixed Pairs (Fun) 2 Raffles  
  * Women's Figure (Masters)  
  * Women’s Figure (Open)  
  * Women's Figure (Overall)2 Raffles  
  * Women's Fitness/Acrobatics (Fun)  
  * Men's Sport Model (Fun) Guest Trophy Presenter:
  * Women's Sport Model (Fun)  
  * Women’s Pinup Bikini (Fun)  
  * Men's Inked & Ripped (Fun) 2 Raffles  
  * Women's Inked & Ripped (Fun) Guest Trophy Presenters:
  * Evening Gowns (Fun)  
  * Physically Challenged (Fun) 2 Raffles  
  * Women's Bikini (Masters)  
  * Women's Bikini Novice (Open)  
  * Women's Bikini Under 5' 2" Short (Open)  
  * Women's Bikini 5' 3" - 5' 6" Medium (Open)  
  * Women's Bikini Over 5' 7" Tall (Open)  
  * Women's Bikini (Overall)  
  * Fit Moms (Fun)  
8:00 PM * CLOSE BY LAUREN POWERS Guest Instructor and Trophy Presenters:
  * Make closing comments: Thank audience, athletes, and invite Lauren Powers to the stage for final words  
  * HARD STOP: Venue is Closed  
    Everyone and everything must be out of venue  
  * Venue is inspected for cleanliness and damage  

The Lauren Powers Classic Difference

  • Promote Your Brand
  • Promote Your Products
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Name Recognition
  • Supporting New Athletes
  • Great PR for Your Brand
  • Publicized Event
  • Athletes Sponsored
  • Everyone gets Swag
  • No Pro Card Required
  • Fair Competition
  • Prizes for all Athletes
  • Our Athletes are not Owned
  • Fun and Friends
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